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About me...

Dr. Jessica A. Cardinal


Undergraduate Degree:  Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University

Chiropractic College: Life College of Chiropractic
Continuing Education:  Webster Technique (July '03):  Specific chiropractic adjustment that reduces interference to the nervous system, balances out pelvic muscles and ligaments, which in turn removes constraint to the woman's uterus and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.
My Chiropractic story:
As a child and young adult I was always actively involved in sports.  I started playing softball at the age of 5 and didn't stop until I was in my 20s.  I also played volleyball up to and during college.  Nothing ever interfered with my playing sports.  Except for my constant sinus problems including an everlasting sinus headache.  During my childhood, I didn't know what it felt like not to have a headache, or even to breathe through my nose.  My parents took me to an allergist and an ear, nose and throat specialist.  Well, the ENT thought I needed to have my adenoids removed and that would solve all my problems.  So off to the hospital we went, out came my adenoids, didn't help.  Next the allergist told me my problems were all due to the very numerous things I was allergic to, so allergy shots were the answer.  Well, 8 years of weekly allergy injections had no effect whatsoever on my problems.  As a matter of fact as I got older, I seemed to suffer with sinusitis, bronchitis and every other "itis" more frequently.  So I decided to quit the shots.  Back to the ENT I went, and after an MRI of my sinuses, it was determined that my deviated septum and a cyst in one of my sinus cavities were the reasons for all my sinus-related problems.  Back to the hospital we went and after that surgery....nothing improved.  So I decided to forget all the doctors and self medicate myself.  At one point in my life I was taking 4 pain relievers and 4 sinus pills every 4 hours just to cope!  It was awful.  About this time I was in college studying Exercise Science with plans on becoming a physical therapist.  A friend of mine said I should look into Chiropractic for a career.  I didn't know anything about Chiropractic, so I went to a Chiropractor near my college and after xrays and my examination he asked if I had any problems.  I said that I had horrible sinus problems, but that wasn't anything he could help me with.  He said that it was very possible that Chiropractic could help my sinus problems because one of the vertebrae in my upper neck was out of alignment and this was the area of the spinal cord that controlled my sinuses.  He adjusted me and I sat up from the table and took a deep breath...THROUGH MY NOSE!!  It was unbelievable!  Right at that moment I decided I needed to go to Chiropractic school, because if I could change just one person's life like he changed mine, it would all be worth it.  That next May after graduation, I headed off to Chiropractic school and four years later I was a Chiropractor!  That was over 9 years ago and I absolutely love what I do!  I've helped babies just a couple days old to adults in their 90s to feel better and have a better life through Chiropractic. 

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